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Yuga Labs Faces Heat Over Auction of TwelveFold Bitcoin NFTs

Yuga Labs is facing backlash from the crypto community after releasing its TwelveFold non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Bitcoin blockchain.

The Bitcoin NFTs, built using the Ordinals theory, are gaining in popularity, and Yuga Labs wanted to leverage this with an official collection, TwelveFold.

However, the complexity of the bidding process has brought criticism from the community and Bitcoin Ordinals’ creator, Casey Rodarmor.

Dear @yugalabs,@veryordinally is right. Actions like this prove that for some entities and people: “Once a shitcoiner always a shitcoiner.”

If I, personally, Casey Rodarmor, ever see you, Yuga labs, the entity, fuck around with degenerate bullshit like this again, I will wash…

— Casey Rodarmor (@rodarmor) March 6, 2023

Yuga Labs Using Stone Age Methodology?

The auction process is such that the bidders must send Bitcoin (BTC) to Yuga Labs’ address through one wallet. At the same time, they must keep another taproot-enabled self-custodied wallet empty to receive TwelveFold inscriptions.

For users who do not win the auction, Yuga Labs will refund the BTC to the receiving wallet. The NFT influencer Giancarlo criticizes the process by saying, “We’re still in the Stone Age.”

so the way yugas auction will work tomorrow is everyone sends Bitcoin to one wallet and if you lose the bid they promise to manually send it back

likely tens of millions of dollars

we’re still in the stone age 💀

— Giancarlo (@GiancarloChaux) March 5, 2023

Also, as Bitcoin is relatively slower than other blockchains, some NFT enthusiasts have expressed frustration. However, others believe that TwelveFold is the cheapest way to enter the Yuga ecosystem.

IP Rights of Crypto Punks Questioned

Twitter users also criticized Yuga Labs for not protecting the intellectual property (IP) rights of the Crypto Punks. The Bitcoin NFTs became popular last month after someone launched 10,000 Crypto Punks clones, calling them the Bitcoin Punks.

lmfao money money money .. and their share holders is all they care about brother not the nft holders 🙂 Consumer 🙂

— Wizard Of SoHo (🍷,🍷) (@wizardofsoho) March 1, 2023

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