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WBD Live – NYC: Junseth on Ordinals with Junseth — What Bitcoin Did

Junseth is an OG Bitcoiner and the former co-host of Bitcoin Uncensored. In this live interview, recorded at Pubkey in New York, we discuss the latest Bitcoin phenomenon – ordinals. We also talk about the philosophy of Bitcoin: what it’s for, what it can be, and how it’s still the only blockchain that adds value to society.

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This was the second ever live What Bitcoin Did show, hosted at the excellent Pubkey in New York City. And, for a live show, we needed a combination of an OG Bitcoiner, with strong opinions, who could sing…luckily Junseth was available!

Junseth is obviously a Bitcoiner who’s happy to tackle hot topics. So we began by discussing the good and the bad of ordinals: it has certainly strengthened Bitcoin in terms of node usage and transaction fees, but are inscriptions the best use of the blockchain? And, as Junseth espouses, should we get too concerned about tests of Bitcoin’s anti-fragility?

Further, we talked about what, for an OG, Bitcoin represents both today and in the future. Can Bitcoin fix everything? If not, what is Bitcoin’s lane or lanes? How early are we? Why people need to shitcoin before finding Bitcoin is the only blockchain. How it strengthens American democracy. And what it will take for Bitcoin to change the world.

Finally, Junseth took some excellent questions from the crowd. He covered economic degeneracy, Bitcoin’s limitations, how Bitcoin supports democracy and American values, and whether we should be hodling or spending Bitcoin. He would have given us golden material on every subject under the sun if we’d had the time!

We were very grateful to have a sell-out and supportive crowd, and thanks again to our amazing hosts Pubkey! It’s been a long time since we did a live event, but there will definitely be more to come this year. In fact, we have 2 shows scheduled: in Bedford on April 14th and in Miami on May 17th

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