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Noku launches a new Ordinals collection: BEASTS

The Noku platform keeps up with the news in the blockchain world and is preparing to launch an Ordinals collection called BEASTS.

About Ordinals

Ordinals is a protocol created by computer engineer Casey Rodarmor, who officially launched the program on Bitcoin’s mainnet on January 21st, allowing for the creation of NFTs.

Through this protocol, it is possible to create digital artifacts using blocks from the world’s most famous cryptocurrency.

You can learn more about the topic in our article!

There is a lot of hype surrounding Ordinals, as evidenced by the over $16 million raised by Yuga Labs for a 300-piece auction. 

Noku: the BEASTS collection

At the moment, not much has been revealed about the BEASTS collection, but the platform described them here as “a piece of digital art history.”

The artwork is certainly well-crafted and striking: the collection’s protagonists, dressed in elegant attire, appear to be wearing masks depicting beasts.

Could this be a reference to traditional finance, which is certainly not experiencing a quiet period?

Let’s stay tuned for more details, as we are certain that the Noku platform will provide us with more surprises as it has in the past!

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